Intensive Course

AllPatience Driving School offers an intensive course for those looking to reach test standard quickly. The intensive course involves 20-30 hours, of one-on-one tuition delivered over a short period of time, typically 1-2 weeks. We recommend no more than four hours per day (with a break in between) for optimal learning conditions, as learning to drive can be tiring. Intensive courses are available at the same rate as 20 or 30 hour block bookings – for more information please see our rates page.

Car PicturePass Plus Course

The Driving Standards Agency recommends that all newly qualified drivers take the PASS PLUS Course. Pass plus is a six part module training syllabus, designed by the Driving Standards Agency, to develop the skills and knowledge of newly qualified drivers, and to broaden their driving experience – including driving on motorways, night driving and driving in bad weather conditions (where possible) – these are the most frequent causes of accidents with newly qualified drivers.

The PASS PLUS course enables the new driver to develop their existing skills, acquire new skills and knowledge that makes up positive driving, and further develop anticipation skills to plan for and deal with hazardous conditions safely. The PASS PLUS scheme is now supported by the driving instruction and insurance agencies, which means it may lead to a reduced insurance premium.

All Patience provides the PASS PLUS course to newly qualified drivers. Please get in touch for more information.