Driving Lessons In Arkley

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There is more to learning to drive than just getting ready for a driving test. Our driving school in Arkley provides excellent driver training due to our ADI’s (Advanced driving instructor) and PDI’s having excellent patience levels and exemplary training.


In the windscreen of every driving tuition car a badge must be displayed to show whether the driving instructor is qualified or still under training. Fully qualified driving instructors show a green badge. All our driving instructors display a green badge. Driving instructors who are still under training will show a pink badge in the driving school car’s windscreen near to the car tax disc. All professionally run driving schools in Arkley will explain the driving instructor grading system without you needing to ask. If they do not then it could be that they are using trainees driving instructors. All qualified driving instructors are graded from A to B.

So many times a day our driving school in Arkley is asked “How much are your driving lessons?”.  The question all new drivers should be asking is “How much is my life worth?”  What you are taught on your driving lessons in Arkley will help keep you, your friends who come in your car and all other road users safe.  Even twenty-four hourly driving lessons only equates to one day’s worth of driving.  The DSA recommends now that pupils need at least forty-eight hours worth of driving to stand a chance of passing the UK driving test which is now one of the hardest in the world to pass. Statistics have proved that pupils who take quality driving lessons in Arkley prior to their driving tests have a substantially reduced risk of been involved in a serious or even fatal car accident within their first two years of passing their driving tests. This is what you are buying, when you pay for driving lessons in Arkley. Think seriously before booking and ask yourself “How much is my life worth?” Now contact us at Allpatience  in Arkley and get a sensible quote.

To help our pupils reduce the cost of learning to drive, our driving school in Arkley can reduce the price of our driving lessons in Arkley for anybody who pays for ten lessons or more. please discuss with your instructor.