Driving Lessons In Barnet

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We are a driving school in Barnet and we guarantee that every driving lesson in Barnet conducted by us will be done with a fully qualified driving instructor.


Many driving schools will offer cheap driving lessons in Barnet.  But the only way the majority of these driving schools can make these offers is by using trainee driving instructors. Remember that the quality of the training you receive on your driving lessons will last you a lifetime. Driving instructors in Barnet who are qualified will display a green badge in their windscreen near to the car tax disc.  A pink badge in the same location of the driving school car in Barnet signifies a trainee.

Many people in Barnet feel it is cheaper to learn with a trainee driving instructor in Barnet as it will work out cheaper.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Although our qualified driving instructors will charge slightly more for their driving lessons in Barnet, their pupils will require fewer lessons, thus saving the pupils money; because they take fewer driving lessons in Barnet they will be able to take their driving test in Barnet sooner. To be a competent driver in Barnet you need to be able to cope with all these various conditions.  For this reason we advise learner drivers in Barnet to alter their driving lesson times so that they experience as many different traffic conditions that is possible. It is much safer to learn to cope with heavy traffic, for example, with an experienced driving instructor in Barnet rather than you trying to cope with it for the first time after you have passed the driving test.

If you want to buy driving lessons for somebody else then our driving school in Barnet can supply you with driving lessons. These driving lesson can be for any number of driving lessons and our driving school will arrange the dates with the candidate . If you wish, our driving school in Barnet can e-mail or text these driving lesson dates and times to you. You can contact our driving school in Barnet and our staff will answer any questions you may have before booking any driving lessons in Barnet .

If you have any questions relating to learning to drive in Barnet then please call us.