Driving Lessons In Elstree

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Our driving school in Elstree only allows qualified driving instructors to teach their pupils. Plus our driving school in Elstree does not charge extra for evening or weekend driving lessons. When buying driving lessons in Elstree you are buying one of the most important skills you will ever acquire in life.  Many people simply make a dozen phone calls and book the cheapest driving lesson in Elstree. You will see offers for cheap driving lessons in Elstree but you should decide on who to teach you based on their teaching abilities not solely on the price.  Many driving schools who offer cheap driving lessons usually use trainee driving instructors.  This is something we do not agree with.


Every driving lesson we conduct in Elstree will be with a fully qualified driving instructor.  You can identify qualified driving instructors in Elstree by their green badges they display in the car’s windscreen by the car tax disc.  Trainee driving instructors show a pink badge in the same location. Also, every qualified driving instructor is graded based on their teaching abilities.  Grade A is the highest grade and every driving instructor with Allpatience is at least, a B grade but the majority are an A grade. Taking driving lessons with a qualified instructor may cost more per hour but you will need fewer lessons.  Fewer driving lessons in Elstree not only saves your money but it also means you will be able to take your driving test sooner.The more experience you get on your driving lessons then the better and safer driver you will develop in to.  It is much safer to learn to cope with the hardest road and traffic conditions whilst you have your instructor there to assist you, should help be needed

Every pupil learns to drive in Elstree at a different rate.  This is why we can organise each course to suit your requirements. If you simply want one or two driving lessons in Elstree a week or you wish to book an intensive driving course in Elstree, then we can do either.If you want to buy driving lessons for somebody else then our driving school in Elstree can supply you with driving lessons. These driving lesson can be for any number of driving lessons and our driving school will arrange the dates with the candidate . If you wish, our driving school in Elstree can e-mail or text these driving lesson dates and times to you. You can contact our driving school in Elstree and our staff will answer any questions you may have before booking any driving lessons in Elstree .