Driving Lessons In Finchley

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Many people think that every driving school in Finchley works the same and just book the cheapest driving lesson in Finchley they can find. But this is not true. We are a unique driving school in Finchley as we only allow fully qualified driving instructors to teach our pupils. There is far more to getting your driving licence than just passing a driving test. What our driving instructors in Finchley will teach you on your driving lessons in Finchley will last you a life time. The better the driving tuition you receive the safer and, ultimately, the better driver you will develop into.


You can easily identify the difference types of driving instructors by the colour of their badge that they must display in their car’s windscreen. A green badge identifies a qualified driving instructor, whereas a trainee will show a pink badge. In addition, all qualified driving instructors are graded by the Driving Standards Agency on a regular basis. A grade A is the highest grade any qualified driving instructor can achieve. Our driving school in Finchley runs a strict pricing policy whereby pupils are charged the same fee for each driving lesson irrespective of when the driving lesson in Finchley is taken. Other driving schools in Finchley charge extra for driving lessons taken in the evening or at weekends.

Every driving lesson our driving school in Finchley books will be for a minimum of sixty minutes. The length of the driving lessons in Finchley can be extended and the price remains consistent. Our driving school in Finchley aims to have your driving lesson arranged within 24 hours of receiving your request. Our driving school in Finchley can book single driving lessons for you or even intensive driving courses. If you pay for your driving lessons in Finchley with a debit or credit card then our driving school in Finchley will usually be able to arrange a discount off the cost of your driving lessons.  This is because you are guaranteeing your attendance by paying with a card. Pupils’ not attending for their driving lessons is a major problem in Finchley.

If you want to buy driving lessons for somebody else then our driving school in Finchley can supply you with driving lessons. These driving lesson can be for any number of driving lessons and our driving school will arrange the dates with the candidate . If you wish, our driving school in Finchley can e-mail or text these driving lesson dates and times to you. You can contact our driving school in Finchley and our staff will answer any questions you may have before booking any driving lessons in Finchley .