Driving Lessons In Golders Green

Book four hours for just £59 – limited offer! Input your details above. New drivers only.

Our driving school in Golders Green aims to get your driving lessons booked within an hour of receiving your request.  We guarantee that every driving lesson in Golders Green will be with a qualified driving instructor if the driving lessons are booked through our driving school in Golders Green. Many other driving schools use trainee driving instructors but we never do.


Our aim, as a professional driving school in Golders Green, is to produce the best and safest new drivers that we can.  We feel this is only feasible if you provide the best trainers. You can identify the different driving instructors by the colour of their badges which they must, by law, display when giving paid driving tuition. A green badge will indicate a fully qualified driving instructor, whereas a pink one shows that the driving instructor is still under training and has not yet passed all the qualifying exams.

Qualified driving instructors are checked on a regular basis by the Driving Standards Agency to make sure that the driving instructors are keeping their tuition skills put to date.  The driving instructors are then graded based upon the driving instructors teaching skills. The highest grade any driving instructor can achieve is an A grade. Our driving school in Golders Green understands that price is an important element when deciding which driving school in Golders Green to book with.  Our driving school in Golders Green is not the cheapest driving school in Golders Green if you base the decision simply on an hourly rate. But our pupils usually take fewer driving lessons so the overall cost of obtaining your driving licence will be cheaper. Added to this is the added benefit that our pupils will be much safer and, ultimately, safer new drivers. A financial figure cannot be given to that last element.

In an attempt to assist our pupils reduce the cost of learning to drive; our driving school in Golders Green can usually obtain a reduction on the price if the pupils can pay for ten or more lessons in advanced. Our driving school in Golders Green can organise any type of driving course that you want. If you simply want one driving lesson in Golders Green per week or an intensive driving course in Golders Green then either can be organised for you. If you wish to buy driving lessons as a gift for somebody else then our driving school in Golders Green can assist you. The conformation can be sent via text or email.


Please call our driving school if you have any questions about learning to driver in Golders Green.