Driving Lessons In Kenton

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Our driving school in Kenton only uses fully qualified driving instructors. Not every driving school in Kenton can make this claim as many allow trainee driving instructors to teach their pupils. What you are taught on your driving lessons in Kenton will last you a lifetime and how can you expect to become a good driver if the tuition is not up to standard? Many people are unaware that many driving schools in Kenton allow trainee driving instructors to do their driving lessons.  This is something our driving school in Kenton will never do.


Every driving lesson in Kenton conducted by DSBS will be with a fully qualified driving instructor We understand that some people may take up the cheap driving lessons in Kenton but this is really a false economy.  If you are prepared to pay that little extra, and it may be just the difference of two to three pounds an hour, then you will receive a higher quality of tuition.  Not only does this mean that you will need fewer driving lessons, thus saving your money, but it also means you will be able to take your driving test sooner.

In addition, better training also prepares you better for the driving test.  By getting the quality driver training that we deliver, you will be a much better, and ultimately, a safer driver which puts you in a better position of passing your driving test at the first attempt. We can arrange any driving lesson for you usually within 24 hours of receiving your phone call or e-mail.  Whether you simply want one driving lesson in Kenton a week or an intensive driving course in Kenton then we can handle your request. All our driving lessons in Kenton last for sixty minutes, but you can increase them if you prefer but the price remains proportional.  We do this as every pupil has a different way of learning and some prefer longer lessons in Kenton.  If you are unsure about which type of driving lesson to go for then book an hourly one and then book either a ninety-minute of a two hour driving lesson in Kenton and see which suited you best.  If you don’t try you won’t find out!

Reduced driving lesson prices in Kenton can be obtained if you are willing to pay for your driving lessons by in advanced.  Please call us for the latest details regarding reduced driving lesson prices. If you want to buy driving lessons for somebody else then our driving school in Kenton can supply you with driving lessons. These driving lesson can be for any number of driving lessons and our driving school will arrange the dates with the candidate . If you wish, our driving school in Kenton can e-mail or text these driving lesson dates and times to you. You can contact our driving school in Kenton and our staff will answer any questions you may have before booking any driving lessons in Kenton.


If there are any questions you would like answered about learning to drive in Kenton then please call our driving school in Kenton.