Driving Lessons In Northwood

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Booking driving lessons is exciting but make sure you know what you are buying. Our driving school is unique as we offer one 2 one tuition with no passengers (unless specified ie. chaperone.)Not all driving schools in Northwood operate like this, so be aware that some driving schools may have students on board while lessons have commenced.

NorthwooA grading system exists within the driving school profession so that prospective pupils know how good individual driving instructors teach before booking driving lessons in Northwood with them. The highest grade a qualified driving instructor can achieve is a grade A.

The cheapest way to learn to drive is to go to the best driving school in Northwood that you can. That does not mean buy the cheapest driving lessons in Northwood but to buy the best. The better tuition will get you through your driving test with fewer driving lessons in Northwood and you have more chance of passing the driving test at the first attempt. It is always best to book an assessment to discover how many lessons will be needed before booking an entire driving course. Every pupil learns at a different speed and all pupils need a different number of driving lessons in Northwood to reach the driving test standard.  By booking the initial driving assessment it gives the driving instructor a chance to view the pupil’s level of attainment and give guidance on how many more driving lessons will be necessary. Our driving school in Northwood can organise these assessments lessons at times and dates to suit each pupil.

Our driving school in Northwood can help reduce the price of your driving lessons in Northwood if you are able to pay in advanced.  By paying in advanced you guarantee  that you will be there when our driving instructor arrives. Pupils’ missing booked driving lessons is a major problem to all driving schools in Northwood . If you are thinking about buying driving lessons in Northwood as a present then consider our driving lesson school.  These make excellent gifts or presents, conformation of booking can be sent via e-mail or text. If a pupil is only available to do their driving lessons in Northwood in the evenings or at weekends, then our driving school in Northwood is unusual in that we do not charge a higher price for driving lessons in Northwood. Some other driving schools in Northwood have been known to charge their pupils a higher price simply because the pupils took the driving lessons after 5pm or at weekends.


If you have any questions you would like answered before making a booking then please call our driving school in Northwood.