Driving Lessons In Queensbury

Book four hours for just £59 – limited offer! Input your details above. New drivers only.

Our pleasant and well trained staff can be contacted at our driving school in Queensbury every day and most evenings and they will happily answer any questions that you may have about learning to drive in Queensbury.


When buying driving lessons in Queensbury the price will reflect the quality of the training that the driving school in Queensbury will supply. Far too many people buy cheap driving lessons in Queensbury thinking they are getting a good deal. It is not until much later into the course that the pupils realise that cheap driving lessons usually results in many extra driving lessons and extra driving tests. This works out to be more expensive than if they had booked with a slightly higher priced driving school in Queensbury. Our driving school in Queensbury has to teach our pupils enough skills not only to pass one of the hardest driving tests in the world but enough competence that the pupil is safe after passing the driving test. As our motto says, “driving safely for life” The DSA recommends that every driving needs about forty-eight hours of driving before attempting the driving test.

If a pupil pays for the first 10 hours then our driving school in Queensbury will be able to arrange a discounted price deal on the driving lessons in Queensbury. By paying this, our driving school in Queensbury knows that the pupil will be there when our driving instructors arrives. Like other driving schools in Queensbury we often have pupils forgetting about their driving lessons and this wastes our driving instructor’s time and money.

We guarantee that every driving lesson in Queensbury booked through our driving school in Queensbury will last for sixty minutes not 45-50 minutes like some other driving schools in Queensbury.