Driving Lessons In Stanmore

Book four hours for just £59 – limited offer! Input your details above. New drivers only.


Our driving school in Stanmore appreciates that we have a duty to produce good quality new drivers onto our roads and the only way our driving school in Stanmore can achieve this is by getting the best driving instructors possible.


Few people know how to identify the different driving instructors. A Green badge shows that the driving instructor has passed all the required examinations and is fully qualified and a Pink badge is for trainee driving instructors.

Before booking a driving school in Stanmore always make sure they give you the grade of the driving instructor who will be conducting the driving lessons in Stanmore. Grade A is the highest grade any qualified driving instructor can achieve. If a driving school in Stanmore does not mention these grades then it could be that the driving school is not graded. A good driving school in Stanmore may charge more per hour but their pupils will need fewer driving lessons. Not only does a good driving school get you through the driving test with fewer driving lessons but a driving school like our’s will produce much better drivers compared to other schools.

Nobody can tell a new pupil how many driving lessons they are going to need. Every pupil learns at a different rate but pupils need fewer driving lessons in Stanmore if they are taught by qualified driving instructors. Reducing the cost of our driving lessons in Stanmore can easily be achieved by simply paying in advanced when booking driving lessons.  Our driving school in Stanmore accepts that some people, due to other commitments, such as work or needing child-minders, are only available to take their driving lessons in the evenings or at weekends. Unlike many other driving schools in Stanmore we do not charge a higher price for driving lessons in Stanmore taken after 5pm or at weekends.